I'm just a regular guy who wants to be green. And in my process of getting there (I've not arrived), I want to help others do the same. I am a media professional of 18 years, with an eight-year stint at an environmental engineering firm. My time there gave me an inside look at some of the technology behind protecting the environment and some of the reasons we need to do a better job. I'm also an former Scout. My time in the woods and on the rivers helped reinforce a love for nature and its importance.

Water is a specific passion of mine. We can't live without it for more than four days and yet I think we take its ready supply for granted. Greenshortz videos will range the whole spectrum of green.

Video topics will include ideas you may have heard about, as well as new ideas and creative solutions. We'll begin with easy-to-implement and inexpensive concepts...and build on that.


There are a lot of great ideas out there...and we'd love to hear your perspective. Facebook will be our forum, so please Like our page and join in the discussion. Take small steps. Incremental changes are far more lasting. Thus the catch phrase, put your green on, one leg at a time.

Thanks for watching.