Call in the Blaster

You live in a holy place...we all do. Holey is more like it. The shocking truth is that your home could be losing 30-50% of its conditioned air to leaky ducts. We don't recognize the problem, because our HVAC systems work overtime to keep the interior of our homes confortable...and that overtime means higher energy bills and wasted money. To add to the bad, leaky return ducts pull in bad air, from crawl spaces and attics...polluting indoor air. That is the main reason we must dust our homes week after week. In this companion to the Blower Door Test video, Joe Thomas of Renewal Systems Solutions (Atlanta Residents: schedule an assessment), conducts a Duct Blaster diagnostic test on my home...and the results were not pretty. According to the test the ducts in my house were 70% leaky. Ouch! I also show Joe where I thought I might have an issue and was shocked by just how bad it was. Getting a home energy assessment is a great way to determine how your energy dollars are being spent and perhaps wasted. Fixing the leaks is an important first step toward a more energy efficient is also an easy way to be green. Thanks for watching. Please share!

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