Going Solar In Haiti

On a recent video trip to Gonaives, Haiti, I bought along three solar power generating devices to help charge batteries, cell phones and video cameras--keeping our essential devices powered on-the-go and in locations with sometimes unreliable power supply. The small Everlast Green, Sol charges two AA lithium ion batteries. The Sunvolt by Gomadic utilizes a 10-watt panel to directly charge devices or a battery for power storage. And my trusty 1010 OffGrid Solar Backpack is a portable power plant and rugged, multi-pocket backback. The 1010 OffGrid uses two 4-watt panels, in a detachable unit, to charge a power storage battery. We offer these products in our store because we've used them and they perform as promised.

We also produced a video abut how Haitians use water...[watch here].

Gonaives Haiti Water Everlast Green Solar Charger Tom Mills Haiti Solar