Looking Into the Sun

Solar is expensive, inefficient and out moded, right. Not so. Instead, it represents an incredible opportunity to help supply the world with green renewable energy. In fact, there is enough solar energy hitting the earth in one hour to power the entire planet for an entire year-365 days of energy in one hour of sunlight. Awesome! And yet we only capture a tiny percentage of that energy...in the U.S. that amounts to around 1% of our energy supply. A missed opportunity for sure. This month we'll add a new Energy Menu as we look into the Solar. The investigation will include technology options, how they work and what they cost. We'll also look at different benefits and incentives in the marketplace. And we'll profile a few enrty level solar devices, not only will they provide you with green power, but they also shift your perspective on that big bright star in the sky. One thing is certain, we need to take a closer look at the sun.

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