Solar 101: Right for You?

We all recognize a solar panel when we see one, right? But, what is really happening inside those shiny black cells? And that's probably not the only question we face when it comes to solar. Are there other options? What about cost? Solar is expensive, right? And complex? What about lifespan? Will I make back my investment? When we stare down a long list of unknowns with regard to anything, it usually translates into a "not-gonna-do-it." That's just human nature...we fear what we don't know. My goal with this series on solar energy is to erase some of the unknowns–hopefully a lot of them. Then the decisions we face are based within our rational mind. The things is, I'm asking these same questions myself. This first video looks at the first few questions: What are the basic solar technologies for consumers? How do they work? And how to get more specific information as it relates to you. So, get enrolled in Solar 101.

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For an in-depth perspective on solar potential in the Southeast, watch Jessica Moore's Tedx talk below. (18 mins, Tedx Atlanta, 2013: Reasons to Believe)