Green Apple Day of Service

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is well known for its LEED building efficiency certification program, but they are also a champion for sustainable and healthy schools. The Green Apple Day of service is a series of 3000 events around the nation in September that brings students, teachers and members of the community together for a day of hands-on. Projects are focused on green improvements, education and awareness...and to build connections between school and community. The program is also a opportunity to open the door to do more. USGBC also has a broader Green Your Schools program. This program builds on the Green Apple Day of Service and engages students in long-term projects to connect sustainability with their education. The garden being created in this video will also serve as a living biology classroom, that they helped construct. Students will study living soils, bacteria, symbiosis and the food cycle...and then they'll consume the food grown in the school cafeteria...reinforcing a powerful connection between learning and life.

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