Raising the EarthCraft Standard

What makes a home "green?" The short answer is...a lot of things. The more complex answer is to think about a home as a system...an interconnected web of materials, technology and human interaction, existing in balance or competition with the environment around it. A green home seeks to maximize that balance and minimize factors that have impacts on the environment. But, how do you weigh the factors and make decisions in creating a green home? Don't go it alone. There are multiple programs for new home construction and renovation that provide a framework for certifying a home's green-ness. EarthCraft, LEED for Homes, and Passive House are three of the most well known home certification programs. They range in level of complexity and the target for efficiency...from pretty good to net-zero.

This video is an interview with Luis Imery of the Imery Group...a certified green builder, constructing a green home using the EarthCraft certification program. The EarthCraft program was developed by Southface Energy Institute and the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association. The home is located in the Serenbe community South of Atlanta, GA. Serenbe is a planned development that seeks a balanced connection with nature and where all the homes are EarthCraft certified. Accompanying this video are 11 Short Shortz that provide insight into some of the factors of green home certifiction.

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