Made in Georgia

Where does my recycling go? Have you ever wondered? Do you suspect it might just end up in the landfill like your trash in the next bin over. Well, if you find yourself in the camp of the recycling cynic...this video will (hopefully) shift your perspective. In Georgia over 120 companies want your recyclables. It could even be said that they are clamoring for them. These companies use your old milk jugs, cans, paper and even carpet to make new products, sometimes even the same product. And that is a good thing...especially when you consider that creating that product from a recycled material uses 95% less energy. And that in doing so, additional local jobs are needed. So, take a look at this video we produced for the Georgia Recycling Coalition to celebrate the many companies that help us make the claim that "It Was Made in Georgia, with Recycled Materials."

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