Multiply With Instagram

Facebook bought Instagram for $1 Billion. That's a pretty good take for a simple photo app with a sharing feature. Instagram is also a tool that you can use to easily push posts to three social media outlets in one shot...pun intended. 

Instagram FYIThe secret is in the screen shot. After an Instagram pic is taken and a filter added, the next option is "Share to." I've got my Instagram connected to my Facebook and Twitter, so when both those icons are selected(dark blue), the photo also automatically goes to both places. This works with Instagram's 15-sec video clips too.

It is a great way to quickly send one timely photo to mulitple social media outlets, building likes, interactions and audience in all.

To generate interest make sure you write a short, descriptive caption...and add a call to action (eg. "Check out we are up to." "Join us for our next event."). Facebook and Twitter both recognize hashtags (#green #recycling #etc), so remember to include them in your photo caption. You can also tag people in the photo if they are on Instagram, a good way to build your following there.

The real bonus, since Facebook owns Instagram, they prioritize these pics. And people are 53% more likely to Like a post with a photo than one with just text. Instagram pics, shot at events or activities, are also a great way to send attendees back to your Facebook page after event.

The bottom line...if you're not using Instagram as a Social Media option right now...there are lots of good reasons why you should be.

New to Instagram? Here is a simple step-by-step wiki on how to get started: