Billboard to Bag to Job

Billboard Bags makes bags, wallets and satchels from upcycled billboard vinyl. The Atlanta-based company is actually a job-creation program that employs refugee women to create their products. The beautiful and sustainable products are the vehicles for much needed jobs. The women are trained to sew, provided English language classes and taught basic financial skills, while being paid a fair wage. After one year, they are placed in full-time jobs. Billboard Bags is part of Plywood People, an Atlanta non-profit devoted to fostering social innovation and addressing the needs of the poor. Buying a bag not only gets you a cool re-use product, you'll also be building diginity in the lives of refugee women starting over in America. This is one way green empowers good. Buy one bag.

Jeff Shinabarger, featured in this video, has just written a book about living a life of excessive generosity. The book, entitled More or Less,  will help you answer the question, "how much is enough?" Get the book.

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