Me, Myself & Polystyrene

A foam cup is the devil's chalice, right. Au contraire. Foam, or more specifically expanded polystyrene foam, is actually a recyclable plastic. Shocked? I was too. Don't believe me? Look on the bottom of your cup. Spot that #6 recyling symbol? The same goes for egg cartons, meat trays and to-go boxes. While reusable cups and containers are the greenest option, we don't always have that option at the local fast food drive-thru. So the next best option is a material that can be recycled and used again. Dart Container is a large producer of foam products, they know this material is recyclable and they are doing some significant things to help make that happen. Watch this video about my trip to Dart and see my 10-year-plus foam stash I brought along. Because foam can't be put into most curbside recyling bins, it is up to us to get foam to the recycler. It is great way to recycle more. Visit to find out more.

Thanks to viewer Rob Shamel of Waxahachie, Texas, who recycles his foam with Dart and recommended we talk with them. (Full Disclosure: Rob is also my cousin and can grow a full beard in three hours.) Got an idea for a GreenShortz video, send it to us.

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