LBC+DIY=Adaptive Reuse

I love DIY. Ever since I was old enough to swing a hammer, I was building stuff. First it was treehouses, then bike ramps and ultimately adding onto my home. For me, the act of creating is even more gratifying when I'm reusing materials that have been found, hoarded or salvaged. And the nifty-factor goes even higher when the material's new life is different than its original purpose. It's the broken concrete driveway...crafted into a retaining wall, the metal trash cans...reimagined as a fire pit. The concept is called Adaptive Reuse and it is the subject of this video. Lifecycle Building Center is a organization that captures reusable construction and demolition waste and resells it to the public at a big discount. They've also started hosting DIY workshops that utilize the materials they have on-hand to make new items. The classes also teach participants the skills to do it themselves. Adaptive reuse, just gotta re-love it.

We've launched a new channel called There you'll find longer, more descriptive, chapter-based content, to walk you step-by-step, through DIY projects that help you green your life. The site is still in BETA, but we want to make it available, even as it grows.

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