One More Generation

Can a couple of kids have a positive global impact on the environment? Yes! Just ask Carter & Olivia Ries. When they were just nine and eight years old they learned about endangered species adoption. They asked their dad if they could do more. He responded that some day, when they were older, they could start an organization to help the cheetahs and rhinos. What they heard was, " Dad said we're starting a company to help endangered species." Not wanting to dampen their enthusiam, Jim Ries challenged his kids to conduct their own after-school research, consistently...without reminder, for 14 days. Jim promised that if they did this, then they could start their own organization. But quietly, he didn't think they'd be able to do it. Olivia & Carter proved him wrong. Jim kept his word and OMG (One More Generation) was born. Not only do the OMG kids advocate for endangered species, but they teach a week-long plastic pollution program for elementary schools. Watch our interview to hear about their efforts. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find about hosting them in your school.

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