Turning Over a New Leaf

With gas prices on the rise daily, the Mills house is considering an electric car. While I'd love to buy a Tesla S, it is a little out my price range. By now most have heard about the Nissan Leaf...the all electric car within reach of regular folks. As we look to green up the Mills garage with our next car, I want to find out if the Nissan Leaf is a good fit for us. Our first step on this quest was the Nissan Leaf Drive Electric test drive and the whole family came along for the ride. The car, and the tech to back it up, was impressive--but there is more reseach to be done. With electricity at the eqivalent of seven cents a gallon, it is the cheapest gas on the market. Stay tuned for the next video in the series Leaf Math--Doing the Numbers.

Nissan Zero Emissions Nissan Leaf Battery Blue Nissan Leaf