Flushing with Efficiency & Performance

A toilet that saves you money with every flush? A profound yes! Let my introduce my new 1-gallon-per-flush Toto Drake 2. And yes, I did just introduce you to a porcelain object used for disposing waste. Odd, you say? I'll accept that. But, we are the nation on the planet that uses the most water per family, per day. On average, our consumption is about 100 gallons per person, per day. That's a lot, considering some people in the workd get by on less than three gallons. Plus, toilets consume 25% of the water we use in our homes, thus a great place to conserve. AND, that is why I want you to meet my toilet. This toilet was given to me by Supply.com, in exchange for making this video. Thanks, y'all. But, before I made this request, I went on the Toto plant tour and was sufficiently impressed by their operation to ask for this model (Drake II) and the Aquia II Dual Flush (video coming soon) by name. Watch, learn, and get your own Drake II here. Supply.com also has other water-saving toilets from Toto to choose between.

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