Flushing With Gray

Does it bother you that we use perfectly clean treated drinking water to flush our toilets? Does this make sense to you? And with toilet flushing adding up to about 25% of our in-home water use, that is a lot of clean water used (and a lot of money). As our nation, and the world, face a growing water crisis, reusing the water from our showers, sinks, washing machines--also know as graywater--to flush our toilets is a great step to reducing potable water consumption. The states of Georgia, Alabama and Florida have been fighting over the water in the Chattahoochee River for over 30 years. Southern California gets much of its water from 1000's of miles away in other states. This has to change...and I think it is up to us, regular people, to make it happen. The old adage says--whisky is for drinking and water is for fighting. Well let me add, gray is for flushing.

At Southface Energy Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, they have a consumered-sized graywater system that captures shower water and reuses it to flush a toilet. Chris Theal of Southface gives me the step-by-step of how the system works. This just one of the many conservation and effieciency features you'll find at Southface. Sign-up for a tour today!

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