Harvesting the Rain

Have you ever watched the rain run down your driveway and thought, "I sure could have used that water a week ago." Rainwater harvesting is the answer to this problem. Using rain barrels or larger catchment tanks like the Orginal Rainwater Pillow captures a rainy day and saves it for later. Rainwater is great for garden plants, especially with the absense of treatment chemicals like chlorhine. And it is clean enough that it can easily be treated for uses like flushing toilets ro even drinking water. The installation we visit in this video is at Lure, a new seafood restaurant in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia. They'll capture rainwater to the tune of 108,000 gallons a year and use it to flush toilets...a $2970 value to the bottom line every year. And, as an added benefit, by collecting water from their roof, Lure will prevent it from becoming urban runoff, which washes the city's grime and pollutants into local streams.

Rain Water Harvesting Rainwater Collection Pillow Saving Water at Lure

Aerial video of Midtown Atlanta provided by Southeast Stock Footage.